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The automotive industry relies heavily on the use of molds for many parts of the final product. Dry ice blasting is an upcoming game changer for the automotive industry in that it can reduce the costs for cleaning and labor of molds by as much as 70% from traditional methods. Grease, sludge, and weld slag are some of the main types of contaminants primarily used in this sustainable cleaning process.

One of the main benefits for the automotive industry in being able to clean the equipment and machinery while it is still in use and at operational temperatures, is the large increase overall plant production due to reduced downtime and big amount of bonuses which you can use on muchbetter casino bonus from our partners. Dry ice blasting is ideal for many cleaning and restoration projects in the automotive industry. Interior auto parts and paneling rely heavily on molds for assembly, which can become lined with grease, slag, or other contaminants. These types of buildup can be removed through the dry ice blasting process ensuring that the quality of the products being molded is always at the highest level of quality production.

Equipment cleaning
Mold cleaning
Painting systems
Rim assembly equipment
Robotic welding equipment
Rubber from test and alignment equipment
Tire manufacturing equipment
Windshield and body sealants
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