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Dry Ice Cleaning (CO2)


Our technology, Dry Ice System equipment is using dry ice pellets for effective blasting agent. The main advantage of this cleaning method is that the dry ice pellets sublime completely after blasting. Only the removed soiling remains. This makes dry ice blasting a particularly effective, environmentally friendly cleaning method, which is not abrasive to the materials to be cleaned.

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, or CO2 for short. Liquid CO2 is stored either in cylinders at ambient temperature under about 60 bar or in vacuum-insulated tanks at about -20c under 20-bar pressure. When liquid ice closely resembles normal water ice, but has very different properties.


Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning

  • Onsite, professional cleaning by dry ice blasting experts
  • High-quality services and equipment from a single source
  • Reduced downtime
  • No secondary waste (like sand) to remove
  • No water drying times
  • No harmful cleaning chemicals or residues
  • Quick response times

Ice Cleaning (Solid H2O)

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