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AIIS Solutions

AIIS Solutions provides industrial dry ice cleaning (non-abrasive) services throughout Malaysia and abroad. Driven by the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and 3 patented technologies, our process is leading the way for transforming industrial processes throughout the globe.

We specialize in cleaning precision parts, complex machinery, and molds within the oil & gas, power, automotive, chemical, electronics, and food industries, among others.

Our experienced engineers and technicians will work with you to develop a maintenance plan tailored to your needs, ensuring the highest quality performance and precision in cleaning your equipment.

We are committed to safety, reliability, and affordability while meeting the highest industry standards


AIIS Solutions provides an award-winning dry ice blasting technology designed to clean, restore and protect all kinds of machineries, parts and surfaces. Our innovative solution is is cost effective, non-destructive and does not involve the use of chemicals.

Our dry ice blasting services are applicable in various industries including automotive, marine, aviation, medical, food and beverage, printing, electronics, oil & gas and many more.

AIIS Solutions is committed in providing optimal and total solutions to meet our clients cleaning requirements, while continually striving to improve our quality of services through cutting edge technologies and continuous education. With our experienced engineering and technical team and in-depth understanding of the cleaning process, clients can be assured that we are able to deliver results which meet their expectations.

Our Values


To be the leading provider of dry ice cleaning services in the world


To provide the highest quality dry ice cleaning services in the most cost-efficient manner for our clients, utilizing advanced technology, safety and environmental standards and industry best-practises

Eco-Friendly Industrial Cleaning

We are the first company to offer a Dry Ice Cleaning service certified to MyHijau standard which was developed by the Malaysia Green Technology Corporation (MGTC).

Our patented Dry Ice Blasting method is the most advanced technology available to clean surfaces with none secondary waste. As there is no water or other chemicals used, it is also ideal for preventing food and water pollutants.

Our Dry Ice Cleaning Service are effective, eco-friendly and safe for employees and the environment. We strive to provide high-quality Dry Ice Cleaning Services to help our customers reach their green goals

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