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Video Data Information (VDI)

Video Data Information (VDI) is using video and imaging to capture a 3D layout of the whole area of interest. Able to characterize the whole floor plan of the different layers of the structure of interest and understand results by comparing before and after snapshots.



For Full Visual Inspection
  • Assessments Tools on the cleanliness level or Jobs Done
  • Project Planning tools for job scoping
Plant Optimisation & Proposition
  • Using Big Data and IoT to optimise plant and propose to new plants based on track record
Impressive Features
  • Faster and more complete than laser scanning
  • Faster way to track changes
  • Computer, Tablet and mobile ready : able to view through web browser or mobile browser.
  • VR Ready : Immersive VR experience and panoramic Photos
  • Simplified Gesture Bsed Interface with intuitive learning curve with 4k HDR image capture technology.
  • Built in GPS for accurate location
  • Cloud base – able to integrate asset tagging & information eg. video and documentation.
  • Data process and deliverables ready within 24 hours.
  • Dimension accuracy within 99% from 4.5m of camera location and seamless integration with point cloud and CAD software.
  • Automated generation for floor plan and doll house view.

Visual Inspection Before

Dry Ice Cleaning Services

Visual Inspection After

Results compared and Analysed

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